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 As it gets closer to the opening of Gravitas, Gravitas is excited to announce that they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign. The aim of crowdfunding is to raise some additional funds to help make Chef Matt's dream a reality. They have put together an exciting list of rewards that are available at a wide range of price points. So far, the most popular items have been discounted pricing of their 4-course tasting menu and 15-course chef's counter experience. They are also featuring other fun, interactive rewards such as a day working in their garden followed by lunch in their dining room, and cooking lessons with Chef Matt. Even if you’re not able to contribute, if you could help them by sharing the Kickstarter campaign with family and friends, they would be eternally grateful. The more people who know about it, the better chance they have of succeeding. Click here to watch the preview video for Chef Matt Baker's Gravitas on Youtube. Click here to learn more and to donate.(1401 Okie Street NE; 202.596.1653; gravitasdc.com)