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8191 Strawberry Lane, Falls Church, VA

Chef Sly Lai and Ly Lai, ghe husband and wife team behind Sea Pearl Restaurant & Lounge, have opened a fast casual concept called Boba & Bites. Boba & Bites serves Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese-style street foods. A few of the menu items include: jianbing (Shanghai-inspired crispy crepes), rou jia mo (Chinese flatbread sandwiches), and onigiri rice balls. The restaurant will also offer taiyaki, a popular Japanese dessert consisting of a handmade fish shaped waffle cone filled with soft-serve ice cream and red bean filling inside the tail. They will be the first D.C. restaurant to serve this treat.  Boba & Bites’ Taiyaki is available in four flavors: black sesame, matcha vanilla & chocolate.