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Le Diplomate Announces Appointment of Cody Brandon as Head Baker - Le Diplomate has announced the appointment of Cody Brandon as head baker. Energized by a schedule of baking well before sunrise at one of Washington, DC’s most intense bakeries, the 31-year-old Brandon comes to DC after baking bread at Parc Restaurant in Philadelphia. From a covert 900-square foot bakery down an unassuming alley, on any given Saturday, Le Diplomate’s bakery hand-makes between 350-400 baguettes, in addition to a multitude of other bread creations. The bakery program Brandon is leading is a force, and the result of a tireless, dedicated effort of six bakers who begin their day at 3:30 a.m., kneading, rising, and baking an array of breads used every day at Le Diplomate—and finish at 8 p.m. Brandon brings 13 years of experience in fine baking to the operation, which in addition to the much-loved baguettes, produces all of the bread for Le Diplomate’s bread baskets, cheese plates, hamburger buns, French toast, Croque Madame, and soft sandwiches. At Le Diplomate, Brandon will be innovating and adding to the program with items such as a new Museli Bread, a combination of Pepita, Sunflower Seeds, Golden Raisins, Dried Blueberries, Oatmeal, and Pistachios to accompany Le Diplomate’s cheese boards. Polenta bread and seed bread will also soon grace the menu. Le Diplomate is located at 1601 14th Street NW. 

Welcome to the Family - Osteria Morini, Washington DC is excited to announce the appointment of Tova Hillman as pastry chef. A lifelong enthusiast and student of the fine arts, Tova Hillman’s work in pastry is hallmarked by an artistic ability to create beautiful harmony from a myriad of contrasting ingredients. Her love of the arts manifests in vivid, surprising and melodious dishes, where a lifetime of cultural and culinary experiences so interwoven into her childhood are expressed, utilizing the pastry arts as a canvas. From creating irresistible versions of classic dishes such as her seasonal bomboloni varieties and inspiring Morini’s signature Tortino molten cake dish by using a dark chocolate cake with a molten orange caramel center, to introducing inspired new dishes such as the Tartaletta, a delicate maple pecan tart, maple crema, pecan brittle, walnut nocino gelato. As pastry chef at Osteria Morini DC, Tova Hillman has found a palette to apply her love of fine arts to food, creating stunning dishes that provide surprising, delicate and bold dishes. (301 Water Street, SE; 202.484.0660; osteriamorini.com