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This week's Foodie & The Beast Nycci and David chatted with the folks behind Charity off the Hook which raises important funding for lots of great local charities. It is sponsored by Profish Charities. We have John Rorapaugh, Profish director of sustainability and co-founder of Charity off the Hook, and Becky Lee, family law attorney and founder of Becky’s Fund to foster awareness of domestic violence. Wildwood Kitchen chef Brandon Shapiro and Campus Kitchen head Rivka Alvial were in to tell us about Dining with the Chefs a biannual fundraiser that supports the Campus Kitchen, a project of the DC Central Kitchen. Who are the Halal Guys you ask; and what’s their culinary mission? Andrew Eck was in to share the story of how one food cart in New York City has become a national franchise chain. Greg Nivens, who heads the Trigger Agency in Annapolis, is the guy behind all those amazing beer, wine, and food events you find in summer months around this area. He talks about the upcoming National Wine and Food Festival at the National Harbor.To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, found here.