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This week on Foodie & The Beast was Bart Yablonsky of Dawson’s Market. The second Tuesday of every month Bart and his team gather together a group of vendors from their stash of local vendors to showcase their work and wares. So, we did a mini meet the locals in the studio. There will be a bunch of people at the market and Bart picked out a handful of people to taste and talk with us. Join us was Greg Glenn and Ashley Field of Rocklands Farm; Jenn Rogers of Brawling Bear Brewing; Tsion Bellete of Tsiona Foods; Andy Brown of Eat Pizza; Fred Chen and Phuong Nguyen of YaÜ (organic Vietnamese yogurt); Alex Hempfield of Everbar. To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, found here.