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This week's Foodie & The Beast kicked off with Jennifer Medeiros and Sal Khan, who both served as military chefs; they were in to talk about their participation with the nonprofit Blue Star Families. They help support military families and their mission is to bridge the gap between civilian and military communities. Director Strother Gaines playwright Jenny Splitter from TBD Immersive were in to talk about new theatrical production Cabaret Rising: One Nation Underground at Dupont Underground. The show allows audience members to interact with characters, move freely exploring the space, solve puzzles and quests and even affect the plot. We chatted with French Scott about the Bacardi Legacy is a global cocktail competition. There is a new hot spot at The Wharf Whiskey Charlie, the rooftop cocktail lounge, perched atop the Canopy. Bartender Donnavon Lalputan was in to talk about the new spot and sample some new concoctions that he has created. To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, here as well.