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Listen in on today’s Foodie and the Beast -- our 10th-anniversary show! -- for great fun and info.
We’re joined by a good friend of ours and of the show, Brian McNair, formerly the executive director at DC Central Kitchen and Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen, who has a new gig with the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  He’s helping them with a  bigtime fundraiser – Rock the Block – the first-ever culinary tour of the great restaurants in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Also in is chef, certified sommelier, and author Vickie Reh, who spent years traveling to visit and cook with winemakers in France and Italy to create the humongous new book, The Wine Table, which is a must-read for any oenophile; former attorney June Drummond, who now runs June B. Sweet, a  sweets company that specializes in amazing treats, including Brigadeiro, a Brazilian national treat made in chocolate that puts  Nutella to shame, and Robert Hayk, CEO of G&B Importers, the sole US importer of fine, Bulgarian wines.  His newest is the refreshing and affordably pieced Rough Day, aptly named for how it helps to take the edge of a … rough day!  Learn more about today's guests with Nycci's live Facebook feed or catch all the details with the live recording on Federal News Radio. 
Please join us!