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We had a very full studio this week on Foodie & The Beast. Sandrika Berthias, Hannah Shy, and Bill Madden were here to tell us about Barley Fest, which will feature craft beers from 18 artisanal breweries and live music. Sandrika, the Event Producer for Barley Fest, dished on the event and the breweries that will be featured, while Hannah Shy of Devil's Backbone Brewery and Bill Madden of Mad Fox Brewing Company gave us a sip of what they'll be bringing. Next, Chef Tarver King of Patowmack Farm talked about his organic farm and table restaurant and brought in delicious soup that featured goose, edible flowers, and a wonderfully unexpected mousse-like consistency. We paired that with New Zealand’s finest wines, thanks to Graham Painter of New Zealand Wine Navigator. There was no shortage of food in studio--Chef Hamilton Johnson has transformed what was Vidalia's location into Honeysuckle, where southern roots meet with Nordic flavors and techniques. We got a taste of that with smoked trout on brown bread made in traditional Icelandic style. Finally, Bart Yablonsky, Director of Operations, and Mike Hoston, store manager, surprised us with chocolate milk and carnitas—but they weren’t made from the usual cow’s milk or pork.  The chocolate milk was made from pea protein, and the carnitas were actually made from jackfruit—they (almost) made us want to try going vegan. You can try these at Dawson’s Market’s SpringFest--there'll be live music, food, local vendors, activities for kids, and much more. To listen to the whole episode, please click here.