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On this week's Foodie & The Beast Nycci and David got things rolling with their first guest Troy Knapp. He is the director of operations at D.C.’s Michelin-starred Blue Duck Tavern in the Park Hyatt hotel. He’s instituted The Little Duckling Wellness Commitment program — to care for the property’s 250 employees, so they’re feeling good and can give their clientele 110%. You’ll hear all about it. The Meatball Shop, which started in 2010 on New York’s Lower East Side and has since spread to five more spots across Manhattan and Brooklyn, is opening its first location outside of the Big Apple here in D.C. on – where else?! – 14th Street. The meatballer himself, Adam Rosenbaum, is in to tell us all about it.   Danny Lledo executive chef of Slate Wine Bar was is in to tell us about all the restaurant offers. Shaker & Spoon is a monthly cocktail subscription box that delivers the craft cocktail experience to your home with curated recipes and techniques for mixing the perfect drink, Mike Milyavsky and Ann Gorovoy called in a chatted with us about the details. Learn more about today's guests with Nycci's live Facebook feed or catch all the details with the live recording on Federal News Radio.