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Talk about a show with something for everyone!
Joining us are Chance for Life’s Brad and Callie Nierenberg, in to tell us about the organization’s many good works on behalf of pediatric cancer fundraising and about the upcoming, Chance for Life gala that you'll want to attend; born in Iran, Najmieh Batmanglij has spent 35 years cooking, traveling, and adapting authentic Persian recipes to tastes and techniques in the West. Hailed as “the guru of Persian cuisine” by The Washington Post, her newest cookbook is
Cooking in Iran: Regional Recipes & Kitchen Secrets
Is out now, and you'll hear all about it; offering a  taste of good health, Flower Child serves up farm-fresh wraps and more, along with refreshing, flavored lemonades, kombucha, organic wines, and beer -  Flower Child’s Jessica Mulroy and Monica Copeland are in with the 411;  Noe  Landini, owner of Junction Bakery & Bistro, in in with his chef, James Duke (late of Saltline) and a taste of their fresh baked breads, pastries and specialty desserts in-house daily, along with a fried chicken breast sandwich to die for (and maybe from!), and City Winery’s beverage director, Sam Miller is in, too, with a tasty sampling of great wines, produced right here in DC.
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