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On Foodie and The Beast this week, we got a delicious preview of Valentine’s Day. Cameron Hardesty, the Head of Products at UrbanStems, was in to talk about how she designs monthly collections of bouquets and gifts and works directly with farms to source all of the company’s flowers. We also heard from another startup company—Andy Ellwood, founder and president of the revolutionary app called Basket, called in to tell us how to save big on groceries. Next, we had Iron Gate’s Spirits Manager, Nick Farrell, to tell us about the “Tunnel of Love” pop-up bar. We got a taste of a few of the lovely cocktails that it will feature, including the “101 Aphrodisiacs” and the sweet and spicy “Better Put A Ring On It.” It was certainly a boozy Sunday—Owen Thomson, owner of Archipelago, gave us the rundown on the resurgence of the Tiki bar and a taste of it too, with fruity drinks garnished with beautiful orchids. To listen to the whole show, please click here.