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Saturday, January 26th is International Sous Vide, and today's Foodie and the Beast show is dedicated to that precision cooking method that has changed the way everyone from the world’s great, professional chefs all the way to home cooks prepares and serves amazing meat, seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes.
The world enjoys the many advantages of sous vide cooking thanks to Cuisine Solutions, an international food lab, experimental and teaching kitchen whose chief scientist, Bruno Goussault, invented sous vide (French for, “under vacuum,”) as a way to combat the inevitable, uneven heating provided by conventional ovens and stovetops.
Joining us today to discuss sous vide and the fabulous, Sous Vide Day celebration coming up on the 26th at the French Embassy are Cuisine Solutions’ Chief Strategy Officer, Gerard Bertholon;  Chef AJ Schaller, head of Cuisine Solutions’ Culinary research & Education Academy, and Chefs Del DiPietro and Kai Park.
Join us for fascinating talk – and tastes! – from the world of sous vide and Cuisine Solutions!

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