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This week’s Foodie and The Beast went off the beaten path a bit. Of course, there was copious amounts of wine and beer and plates of delicious food but this week’s show also included an entire segment on personal wellness.  Throughout the show a gauntlet was thrown, battle of the booze: beer vs. wine. Graham Burns from Old Ox Brewery poured up a variety of beers while Jordan Harris filled our glasses with wine from Tarara. They both brought in such unique and delicious tastes, we couldn’t decide on a winner. Kerry Chao give us the 411 on Poke (Pok-Eh) Papa which serves Hawaiian inspired poke bowls. If you don’t know what Poke is, you need to. Taking a break from all the booze and bites, Doctor LaKeischa McMillan and Ana Goldseker stopped by to chat about Nava Health and Vitality Center, and its unique holistic approach to health. Chef Chris Roberson brought along some tasty Ethiopian bites from Etete including Injera Tacos, a studio favorite. To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, here as well.