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“Great, Spanish wines and Irish whiskey were flowing, and the food was awesome!”
That about sums up a great, Foodie and the Beast show for March 3rd. Our guests included Jinson Chan, founder and co-owner/GM of High Side Restaurant and Chris Bruno, Economic Development Director for the City of Fairfax, both in with yummy tastes and talk of Restaurant Week in Fairfax City; the (almost!) original, Man of La Mancha, winemaker Manuel Manzaneque, who arrive with bottle after bottle of his fabulous, Spanish wines, all imported by DC’s Grapes of Spain; Geoff Dawson and Peter Bayne, owners of Tin Shop restaurant concepts, who are opening Tall Boy, a “just what was needed,” neighborhood spot with great beers in Tall Boy cans, tasty grilled cheese sandwiches, wings and more, all for late day into early morning munching and sipping, and last-but-hardly-least, Serna Huggard, brand ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Triple Blend Whiskey, as smooth a whiskey as you’ll ever find.
What a show – listen in!
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