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We had a full studio on Foodie & The Beast this week. Rodney Taylor and Mary Porter are working with Real Food For Kids to bring more fresh, less processed foods to Fairfax County Public Schools. They brought in a sampling of fresh Southwestern and Greek chicken salads for us to try so we could get a taste of what the kids are eating. Trey Miller-Thym, Thymly's president, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into preparing and providing bakery supplies on a large scale—and they’re moving towards, healthier, more natural options, too. Ryan Arensdorf from Harriman's Grill at the Salamander Resort & Spa told us all about his plans for the restaurant, the spring menu, cooking classes, and more. We also got a taste of his incredible burrata with balsamic vinegar and candied hazelnuts. Bar Manager Brian Nixon and Owner Matt Weiss of McClellan's Retreat helped us wash it all down with a few lovely cocktails. Our favorite was the Pepperbox, which was served over “habanero rock”—a habanero frozen inside of an ice cube, so the drink became spicier as the ice melted. Flying V Theatre's Lee Liebeskind and Natalie Boland taught us that just because we’re not in college anymore, the drinking games don’t have to end. We played a game that will be featured in their show “Brother (Brewther?) Mario, where the audience drinks every time they hear a certain word or phrase. Designated drivers will get free admission to the show with the purchase of a ticket for someone who will be drinking. To listen to the whole show, please click here.