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This week's show was all about spring fashion. But first, in classic Foodie and the Beast fashion, we started with a drink segment. AJ Dronkers from EdibleDC magazine poured us a few refreshing cocktails, including a classic gin and tonic. Then, Lindsay Leopold, the resident chef at Sur La Table, demonstrated the trends for summer entertaining and grilling for us. She showed us a strawberry huller, an ice cream machine, an avocado slicer, and a spiralizer not just for zucchinis--but hotdogs, too! Then Carly Ray, a makeup artist for the likes of Michelle Obama, taught us how to keep our face on during the hot summer.  We tried setting spray with SPF in it, eyeliner that won't smudge, and cheek tint that won't budge.  No worries, there was a segment for the guys, too--Jesse Bielasiak was in from Suit Supply to showcase what's new with men's fashion.  Last but most definitely not least, Brittany Gunn from Tadashi Shishoji gave us a look at women's fashion for this summer and spring, and even modeled a look for us.  She also impressed us with her stunning red mascara to match her red lip and red dress.  To listen to the whole show, please click here.  To watch on Facebook Live, be sure to check Nycci's personal Facebook page.