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We had a very interesting--even educational, if you will--show on Foodie and the Beast this week. At the start of the show, we called Mitch Berliner to hear about what's new with Bethesda Central Farm Market. Kate Chrisman, the Wine Director and Assistant Manager of Vinoteca, taught us about rosé and how it's made in honor of #RoséAllMay.  Contrary to what many may believe, rosé is NOT necessarily a sweet wine, nor is it just a blend of red and white. We tasted a sparkling dry rosé, a tan rosé, and what Kate referred to as a rosé that's "good for day drinking." Daisuke Utagawa taught us about red vinegar, which he uses to flavor the rice in the lovely platter of sushi rolls he brought in from Kōbō (located inside of Sushiko Chevy Chase). These simple cucumber and tuna rolls were so flavorful that no soy sauce was necessary. Chef Jun Chen, Jonathan Langel, and Mike Goss of Bobby Van's Grill dished on their upcoming Glenlivet dinner, and gave us a taste of which spirits to expect (and the steak pictured above). We learned about how different types of wood can affect the flavor of whiskey during the distilling process. Mike Friedman and Krystal Cripe told us about their menu updates, including offering seasonal options, such as their calamarata pasta, at The Red Hen DC and All Purpose Pizzeria.  Also--All Purpose Pizzeria is now going to be known as All Purpose Shaw. To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci's Facebook profile, as well.