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Got that holiday travelin’ jones? Foodie and the Beast are here to help! On today's show, we bring in the travel pros with all the insider tips you need to go and return with the greatest of ease, the best food, and the best airport shopping.  Joining us are “The Travel Detective,”  Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer, Peter Greenberg, America’s most recognized, travel news journalist; Andrew Trull, head of media relations for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and a repository of great travel tips (for example, DO NOT pack or bring weed on your trip … what to do if your flight is delayed a day or two … what kinds of things you should pack for a long layover); executive chef Judith Hernandez from Paradies Lagardére Food & Beverage at Reagan National Airport; personal stylist Robin Fisher, CEO of Polished Image and Style, with great airport shopping tips for holiday travelers and Michael Matarazzo from Grille District at Reagan, who’s in mixing and pouring some of the amazing cocktails that’ll keep you entertained while waiting for your flight.
Sound interesting? Then come fly away on this episode with Foodie and the Beast! 
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