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With guests from all over the globe, we had quite an international show on Foodie and the Beast this week. Waking up the studio this morning, Mike Larkin of Murlarkey Distilled Spirits poured us our first drink, a pomegranate vodka club soda made with his award-winning vodka. He then made us a refreshing Clemonaid using one of his more unique products, lemon infused whisky which he calls Clemoncy. The whiskey is put in barrels for two weeks with lemon peels and it’s pretty delicious. James McHorter was back in studio to give us the details on the annual FreshFarm Feast gala that is a primary fundraiser for their 15 producer-only markets that support sustainable agriculture in the Chesapeake region. Alongside James, Nora Pouillon gave us the story of how she inspired producer-only farmers markets by buying organic produce for her restaurant straight from the farmer back in the 70s. Michael Rafidi, current executive chef at Arroz, gave us the 411 on becoming the new executive chef at the new Requin opening soon at The Wharf. There, the menu will offer contemporary takes on classic French dishes. Chef Michael brought in a sample of crudité dipped in a truffle butter for us to try. It was absolutely delicious and a perfect pre-dinner snack. We caught up with Chef Ferhat Yalcin, owner of Drift on 7th and Fishnet in College Park, who told us about his sustainable, local, and fresh seafood dishes available. We tasted a yellowfin Atlantic tuna on a homemade potato chip topped with coriander, chives, and black lava salt which David was particularly curious about. Stephanie Coppula, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Bethesda Urban Partnership, updated us on this year’s Taste of Bethesda. With her, Florent de Felcourt, founder and CEO of Fresh Baguette, told us about the restaurants dedication to freshness. Bakers start making the dough from scratch daily at 1:00am. Florent brought in a few things for us to try including gluten free bread, pumpkin break (not sweet!), an array of pastries, and of course, their staple, a delicious baguette. To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, here as well.