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This week on Foodie & the Beast, we loaded up on sweets, beer, and more sweets. Throughout the show Greg Engert, NRG Brewmaster, poured us a variety different beers, pleasing everyone’s taste buds. As we sipped, Greg talked about the upcoming 6th annual Snallygaster craft beer festival that you can’t miss. Sharing a piece of his fame, Alvaro Roche brought in a box full of beautifully crafted and delicious donuts from his 202 Donuts in Bethesda. Alvaro and his brother Alonso Roche have built a mini food empire which includes 202 Donuts, Bold Bite, and TapaBar. Their empire will be expanding in October as they open TacoArepa and another Bold Bite. Chanel Turner brought in her new product, a bottle of FOU-DRE Vodka. French for lightning, this premium vodka is infused with lime, pomegranate, ginger, and kiwi — check out the cool packaging. Dr. Lakeischa McMillan of Nava Health joined us again to educate us on skin health. Dr. McMillan explained a “vampire facial” that helps to smooth the skin and create a healthy glow. She also discussed must do post summer skin care. Duck Duck Goose Chef, Ashish Alfred gave us the inside scoop on his reinvention of 4935 Bar and Kitchen into George’s Chophouse. He brought in a few samples to share including an amazing Nutella brioche stuffed French toast. Last but not least Melissa Kopolow McCall, co-chair 2017 National Capital WALK, brought awareness to Hydrocephalus and promoted the upcoming annual WALK to End Hydrocephalus on the National Mall, September 17th from 12:30-3:30pm.  To listen to the whole show, please click here. Be sure to check out the Facebook Live videos on Nycci’s Facebook profile, here as well.