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Audi Field Dining – La Pepa is a Spanish sandwich concept, based on ThinkFoodGroup’s popular food truck, Pepe, with offerings that were crowd-tested earlier this year. Now they will feature Pan De Cristal sandwich, pressed Bikini sandwiches and more between two concessions, and will also have one portable cart serving jamón flautas and pressed sandwiches only a few of the concessions at Audi Field.  To drink, Butterfly will offer a selection of bebidas including beer and a specialty cocktail. There will also be two Butterfly portable carts for fans to enjoy -- one cart serving guacamole and chips, and another featuring Mexican street corn.
Udon Time – Theres something new in town and Akira Ramen is adding an array of traditional Japanese Udon/Soba noodle dishes to their Ramen focused menu. Chef Shuichi Kotani developed the new dishes and spent a week at Akira training the chefs and staff for their debut. Mori (plain cold soba) and Towari (100 % gluten free) can be ordered alone or as a part of a composted plate. Dishes like Ten Zaru (shrimp and seasonal vegetable tempura) and Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet), are served alongside cold noodles with dipping sauce, and other various accompaniments like pickled lotus root and marinated cucumbers.  Other new items includeSukiyaki Gyu (sliced beef with sukiyiki (sweet) sauce and poached egg) and Uni Ikura (uni and salmon roe with grated radish), traditionally served with udon.
Unlimited Brunch – Lahlou Restaurant Group, which owns and operates Lupo Verde has announced  unlimited weekend brunch service, Lupo Verde Osteria. You can enjoy authentic, rustic, Italian fare in a family-style format by selecting one antipasti, one side dish, two pastas or egg dishes and one bottle of prosecco off the featured menu prepared by Corporate Chef Matteo Venini, you ma also order a la carte. Brunch items include  the Insalata Lupo Verde,  Toast al Tiramisu,  Pancakes with fig jam Uova in Camicia, Paccheri alla Carbonara, Uova a Piacere, and a Benedetta Porchetta with homemade bread, sides include Asparagi; Patate; Avocado; Crispy Polenta and Two Eggs. 
Cold and Sweet –  The new flagship location from Milk Bar has a new treat - the Coffee + Donut soft serve: a homemade cinnamon sugar donut waffle cone filled with chocolate fudge and a choice of Cereal Milk™ or Chocolate Covered Pretzel soft serve, topped with donut crumbs, coffee sand and chocolate dough bites.
Fresh for The Season –  Ashok Bajaj’s American brasserie Nopa Kitchen + Bar, can looked forward to executive chef Matt Kuhn new menu featuring starters such as Watermelon & Tomato Gazpacho  (Fresno chili labneh, agrumato and pickled watermelon rind); Deviled Eggs ‘Pan Con Tomate’ with tomato mousse, espelette, basil breadcrumbs and smoked trout roe, and the Heirloom Tomato Carpaccio with jamon serrano, roasted peach, tomato-buttermilk aioli, nasturtiums and castelvetrano olives.  The second course includes items such as  Tomato Gnocchi with Maryland blue crab, Calabrian chili, garlic scapes and bottarga; Pan Roasted True North Salmon with tomato salsa cruda and more. Dessert is a choice of Tomato & Peach Tart with buttermilk ice cream, or the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with oatmeal crust, tomato-strawberry compote and basil gel
New for the Summer – Chef Mikko uses Nordic foundational foods like rye bread, seafood, mushrooms, berries and root vegetables in cleverly modern ways, on the new menu at Mikko. Serving up items such as potato blinis heaped with mushroom salad or salmon caviar , White trout, seared on an open fire needs only cucumbers, bell peppers and a sprinkling of dill. Prawns served with chive sauce and the Meatballs made of lamb and beef are served with root celery puree . Vegetarian options include sautéed seasonal mushrooms served on seed bread  as well as a quinoa roasted vegetable salad with lemon vinaigrette and an assortment of roasted mini root vegetables. A platter of cured meat is sold with relish, house made bread and Mikko’s signature crisps, the perfect accompaniment being of course, a platter of house cheese, jams and crisps. House sausage is served with a side of potato salad and a hot dog with house pickles, Swedish mustard and tomato relish