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1017 7th Street NW

A few doors down from their beloved bar and lounge The Passenger, Tom and Derek Brown bring DC a funky spot to sip on delicious rum-infused concoctions and sample a rotating and adventurous menu.  Hogo, a derivation of the French term “haut gout” that describes the “high taste” or funk flavors of rum, was inspired by Brown’s affection for, you guessed it, rum.  As a rum aficionado, Brown stocked Hogo with 75 different rum varieties to create a truly impressive, and potent, cocktail menu.  While the beverage program has a solid, set direction, don’t expect the menu to follow suit.  As part of Temporary Works concept, Hogo’s kitchen will act as a sort of test kitchen- hosting a number of rotating chefs looking to experiment with their food and try out innovative menus for short periods of time.  During the eatery’s first month, Passenger chef Javier Dunn will be preparing unique Hawaiian diner-style dishes that rarely find themselves featured on East Coast menus, such as miso noodle, pork belly soup. Hogo’s front space, boasting plenty of booths and a full bar, has a dark interior adorned with edgy artwork and quirky decorations.  The back of the restaurant has a completely different feel- the stark white room is simply designed and focuses on the interactive, diner-style seating surrounding its kitchen area.