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Happy Holidays 2018 … almost! And in anticipation of holiday gift-giving, we are in the know on where to get something for your sweetie, whoever he, she or they are!
Join us and our guests:
Kathleen Overman, Director of Connection for Cureate,  a mission-driven firm with products and services for connecting large and small businesses and the cities they serve. This holiday season they’re partnered with the Ritz-Carlton in Pentagon City to help them source products from DC-area entrepreneurs for their inaugural, Shop Local holiday pop-up shop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                James Majewski of Hugh & Crye is here – he and his team have finally solved men’s age-old challenges with ill-fitting, off-the-rack shirts, using a unique sizing system, based on the height and build of the torso, to give guys a better fit.
SC jewelry designer Sophie Blake \ creates timeless jewelry for the modern woman. HER SBNY collections explore the fine line between classic and contemporary, creating iconic looks inspired by everything from Cubist art and techniques to 1930s Art Deco, and she’s in with some truly spectacular gift items to share with us and you.
Bill and Suzy Menard’s Via Umbria in Georgetown is an homage to everything fabulous that can be sourced from Italy’s glorious region of Umbria. It’s a restaurant, a gift shop, a wine store and more. Executive Chef Liam LaCivita is in with great wines, linens, ceramics and, of course, food items that will make anyone you gift truly happy!
Scott and Becky Harris are the proprietors and distillers who have taken Loudoun County’s Catoctin Creek Distilling to major success.  We first met them just after they opened 10 years ago and today, Catoctin Creeks spirits are prized finds on menus all over DC and beyond.
Join us and listen in!
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