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On this episode of Industry Night with Foodie & the Beast:


French wines? Sure, everyone knows about them! Same with the wines from Italy, California, Spain, and now Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia.

But Bulgaria?
You bet. In fact, it is arguably true that winemaking was invented in what now is Bulgaria 6000 years ago.  And today, some of the world’s finest – and best priced – reds, whites, and rosés come from Bulgaria’s Thracian Valley. To learn more about that, our guest, G&B Wine Importers’ CEO Robert Hayk, will get you as close as you can get to a wine tasting on the radio. He’ll also offer the fascinating primer on the terroir that produces these unique wines, their varied taste profiles, how they are produced and about where to find them at truly amazing prices in restaurants and wine stores across Greater DC.   
It all happens right here, on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast
Наздраве!  (Cheers! in Bulgarian)