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Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re jumping into the Industry Night time machine with anthropologist/archeologist Dr. Bill Schindler to look at how and what (very) ancient man and woman ate and how we should seek to replicate that diet today. Dr. Schindler is, first and foremost, a very cool guy who also happens to be director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland and the co-star of the National Geographic series, The Great Human Race.

Schindler’s basic thesis is that our bodies are pretty much the same as they were when humans first walked upright and that were designed to operate no differently than our ancestors did, when it comes to utilizing prehistoric and traditional technologies (tools), especially as they relate to food acquisition, processing, storage, and consumption. He believes that the better understanding of prehistoric life made possible through the archaeological record and a practical understanding of the technologies that created it can contextualize our place in the world and help provide answers to many of the issues facing us today, especially when it comes to our diet.

He’s a huge, proactive advocate of traditional foodways and constantly seeks new ways to incorporate lessons learned from his research into the diets of modern humans. His outlook on food has revolutionized the way in which he and his family eat and he attributes much of the health his wife and three children enjoy to the nutrient dense hunted, gathered, and fermented foods that comprise a significant portion of their diets.

This was a truly mind-blowing interview – join us to get your own mind blown and some good advice for how to start eating like a human again!