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In this episode of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast we’re giving you a great, vicarious taste of Georgian wines (Georgia the country, not the state!) While many Americans may be unfamiliar with the nation of Georgia, which emerged from behind the Iron Curtain after the breakup of the Soviet Union, most wines experts agree that winemaking was invented there some 8,000 years ago. To this day, an impressive diversity of Georgian wines continue to thrill palates everywhere.

Noel Brockett, a lover of all things Georgian and the man in charge at Georgian Wine House, a Maryland-based import company founded by Georgian wine enthusiasts in 2005, joins us with tastes and talk of Georgian wine culture, its over 500 indigenous grape varieties and both its ancient qvevri (pronounced, “k-vevri”) skin-contact and modern wine-making techniques.

Join us!