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This edition of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast:

A lot of people hear the phrase, “kosher” and may assume that it implies some sort of special or strange approach to food. Actually, it’s a pretty mainstream thing, and tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the beast, you’ll hear from experts about what kosher foods are, “why” they are, and how the concept of “kosher” fits neatly into today’s more food quality-aware dining scene.

Joining us are Devora Kimelman-Block, Founder & CEO of KOL Foods; Emily Landsman, who handles marketing and operations for KOL Foods and KOL’s media relations specialist, Zoe Schaeffer, from the Rodale Institute, to discuss a range of topics, including:

KOL’s and Rodale’s 411s Grass-fed meat, pastured poultry (turkey/heritage chicken). What do the terms mean?

How and why is grass-fed better for animals. What about grain?

What makes grass-fed meat healthier for people?

What makes meat kosher?

Regenerative agriculture. A net-positive return on the environment. What is it? How does it work?

Fair labor practices. Worker fairness and farmer crisis – Food certifications – organic, regenerative. What do they mean for small farms, big farms?
Problems with labeling and usage of terms, little real regulation means some companies can skirt the truth. (“Natural” and “grass finished” for example.) Why do people think regenerative and organic systems are better for the planet? Does it really heal the earth? Can regenerative/organic scale up to save agriculture? Save the world?

Join us!