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When a venue has been in place and entertaining guests for more than two centuries, you know they must be doing something more than right!

A case in point: DC’s Tudor Place, originally founded by Thomas and Martha Peter.  Ardent Federalists, they hosted politicians of that persuasion at Tudor Place in the early 19th century (They were so patriotic, they named their daughters Columbia, America, and Britannia). At Tudor Place, one was likely to come across tipsy congressmen getting intoxicated on apple toddy served from a Mount Vernon punch bowl; BBQ, early 19th Century-style (Tudor Place has one of the earliest extant smokehouses remaining in the District (1795); vintage Madeira (Tudor House has on display several bottles of historic alcohol in the Tudor Place collection including bottles of Madeira wine from the 1840s; early 19th Century,  “Farm to Table” practices and … much more
Joining us on  Industry Night with Foodie & the Beast is Grant Quertermous, curator at Tudor Place Historic House & Garden and former assistant curator of collections at James Madison's Montpelier.   Grant offers an instructive look back at 19th Century hospitality, Peters Family-style, and also clues us and you into how you can visit Tudor Place and attend their Landmark lecture series, other members-only Events, Tudor Nights and Behind the Scene Tours and other family events.