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1636 R Street NW

Mikko Kosonen, previously the executive chef to the Ambassador to Finland for more than 15 years, has opened a new restaurant in Dupont Circle. Named after himself, Mikko incorporates the four main pillars of Nordic cuisine: fish, grains, dairy, and smoke. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  A few of the menu items include open-faced sandwiches topped with gravlax, shrimp salad, or roast beef, seven-seed loaf, pastries topped with egg butter and filled with rice porridge, traditional Finnish fish soup adorned with potatoes, and simple salads. Specials change daily and the menu rotates biweekly. Kosonen plans to serve alcohol and will expand the menu to include small plates and more dinner specials. Mikko also features a coffee bar and treats to take home for those on the go.