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Winter Ball – Winter has arrived at Buffalo & Bergen, with a cocktail menu that follows weather patterns, trend, and metallics of the season, as well as a newly adorned bar top with snowflakes. The Winter bar will feature whimsical cocktails such as Precious Moments (Absolut Elyx, ginger-mint, champagne), All The Trimmings (High West Rye, cranberry-pine, orange zest), Yellow Snow (Casa Noble Silver, orange, cinnamon, lime). They will also feature hot drinks, such as hot toddies, ciders, and tea. These will be available until January 30.  1309 5th Street, NE; 202.543.2549 (http://www.buffalobergendc.com)

Customizable Beer – Drift on 7th is celebrating the perfect pairing of beer and seafood with a 6-ounce flight of each of four beers, you can select your flight from eight choices of American beer. Beer choices include Foxy Red IPA-Baltimore, Maryland; Shaw's Neighbor Lager, Pawtucket, Rhode Island; RaR Nanticoke Nectar, Cambridge, Maryland; Oliver Creator/Destroyer Brown, Escondido, California; Peak Organic Fresh Cut Pils, Portland, Maine; Crispin Cider Original--Colfax, California; Left Hand Good JuJu Ale, Longmont, Colorado; and Two Roads Worker’s Comp, Stratford, Connecticut. Flights cost ($14) and are available every day. 1819 7th Street, NW; 202.350.4350 (http://drifton7th.com)

Seasonal Sips – Jack Rose Dining Saloon has launched their winter cocktail menu and rooftop terrace for the season. The seasonal sips feature everything from, chilly-weather flavors of apple, maple, cinnamon, pear to unique house and housemade ingredients like oatmeal raisin cookie syrup, salted honey bitters, lapsang souchong tincture, and malted barley and hop soda. All of their new cocktails center around five spirit categories: whiskey, gin, rum, agave, and vodka. They are serving up innovative seasonal cocktails such as The Smoking Gun (Bulleit Rye, Luxardo Cherry, Lapsang Souchang Tea Tincture, Absinthe), Sling Me Two Times, Baby (Citadelle Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Constant Comment Tea, Cherry, Lemon, Tonic), Green Hornet, (Deleon Blanco Tequila, Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Chartreuse, Honey, Lime), Swedish Czech Mark (Absolut Vodka, Becherovka, Pear, Ginger, Lemon), and two private barrel cocktails made from their own whiskey. You can enjoy all of these cocktails and more under their rooftop terrace with just-installed heavy duty heaters. 2007 18th Street, Nw; 202.588.7388 (http://jackrosediningsaloon.com)

Shirtless Russian Horsemen – The Dish and Dram are celebrating the arrival of 2018, with The Shirtless Horseman Russian Imperial Stout from Denizens Brewing Co. This beer packs a powerful punch at nine percent alcohol and is served as an eight-ounce pour. The Shirtless Russian is a bold blend of aromas and flavors (dark chocolate, dark roast coffee, toffee permeate), the complex flavor profile steams from ten different malts used in the recipe. Available until supplies run out. 10301 Kensington Parkway, Kensington, MD 20895; 301.588.6300 (http://www.thedailydishrestaurant.com/)

 It’s a GIN Kind Of Day – Ris is excited to announce the opening of their Gin Mill, inspired by the gin palaces of the early nineteenth century, they will feature dozens of international and domestic F. Their gin master Ravi, is a lifelong scholar of the spirit, he will use his expertise to personalize the guest experience. Ravi along with chef de cuisine Zack have crafted spread of homemade bitters, tinctures, tonics and syrups which allow for endless possibilities for creating the perfect cocktail. To go along with your perfect cocktail they are offering a selection of small plates to pair with your favorite elixir. 2275 L Street, NW; 202.730.2500 (https://www.risdc.com)

Month Of Wellness -  Those of you looking to stick to your health-oriented resolutions while on the road, or needing a little immunity boost will have plenty of options when staying at The St. Regis. They are offering fresh cocktails and mocktails at the bar all month long. Drinks such as Green Tea Tonic, The Herborist, Pu-erh Imperial Tea, and the Garden of Dream. You can enjoy these healthy offering all month long. 923 16th and K Streets, NW; 202.638.2626 (http://www.stregiswashingtondc.com)