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Remember To Be Kind -  To share a little of their sweetness with the rest of the world, Buttercream Bakeshop has launched the #RememberToBeKind campaign. With all the recent craziness, from natural disasters to the banter in politics, acclaimed chef/owner Tiffany MacIsaac and lead decorator/partner Alex Mudry-Till believe that we all need to share a little bit of love and kindness with one another – and pay-it-forward with one of Buttercream Bakeshop’s cheerfully baked treats! With the #RememberToBeKind campaign, spreading the love is a piece of cake – literally. Throughout September, customers can buy any of Buttercream Bakeshop’s Insta-worthy treats from the bakery and gift it to another customer, with a handwritten note inscribed that will brighten their day. The extra 15% off the pay-it-forward pastries is just icing on the cake! MacIsaac remarked, “The campaign is infectious and it is wonderful to see so many guests participate. It truly has boosted the morale and elevated someone’s day!” Turn your random acts of kindness into random acts of cakes and cookies at Buttercream Bakeshop this month. Their crunchy peanut butter Buckeyes, delectable Cinnascones, and sinfully buttery Flakies, to name a few, taste even better when they come with a sprinkle of love. As MacIsaac and Mudry-Till like to say, “We strive to make people happy one fresh baked chocolate chip cookie or fabulous caffeinated beverage at a time.” Kindness is almost as addictive as their confections, and so Buttercream Bakeshop is rising to the occasion by being kindhearted to everyone this September. (1250 9th Street NW;202.735.0102;  buttercreamdc.com)