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More than 100 independently owned and operated D.C. based restaurants and bars have signed onto a letter in opposition to Ballot Initiative 77. These restaurants and bars represent small businesses that are fueling a diverse and vibrant industry in Washington, D.C. Owners and operators at these establishments are raising their voices on behalf of their employees who are largely against Initiative 77. DC and the Federal law already requires that DC tipped employees make minimum wage.  Ballot initiative 77, the “District of Columbia Minimum Wage Amendment Act of 2017,” proposes to eliminate the tip credit - which allows tips to offset hourly pay to guarantee employees are paid at least minimum wage. Restaurant owners and workers are united in opposition to this initiative for the disastrous consequences it could have on D.C.’s restaurant industry, its employees and customers—and greater economy. The letter released today states that “Ballot Initiative 77 is yet another example of an outside organization imposing its agenda on D.C. without involving the people who live here. Instead of pushing for an initiative that would harm restaurants in a city that the Bureau of Labor Statistics rates one of the top 5 places in the country for server and bartender pay, ROC might consider working with D.C.’s city council, local business owners, and others in our community to a) ensure that all restaurants are compliant with the existing law that already requires them to pay their workers minimum wage and b) identify ways to hold accountable businesses and customers that create unsafe work environments.”