Talk about delicious shows! This week’s Foodie and the Beast had something for every taste bud. First, we were joined by chef extraordinaire and innovative restaurateur Erik Bruner Yang (whose company, Foreign National, owns Maketto, Spoken English, Brothers And Sisters, Hometown Newsstand, Shopkeepers), who has a new spot, ABC PONY, an ’80s- and ’90s-themed pasta place (with Asian influences) in the Navy Yard. Erik’s signature is creating very cool, food and space combos as common gathering spots. Also in are Antonio Matarazzo and Chef Matteo Venini, co-owners of Stellina Pizzeria at Union Market, with news about a new Stellina location coming in 2020 and their new, Union market pastry shop, Annare. Brandon Gaynor, founder and CEO of Eat Brgz (Eat Burgers), joins us with tastes and talk of his new, fast casual burger concept where healthy, custom, meat and plant-based hamburgers are served up. And, Manny Nadal, assistant GM at the sky-high, POV cocktail at the W Washington DC is in and serving up politically-themed cocktails for the holidays.