This week on Foodie & the Beast with yet another rainy Sunday; David and Nycci got down to business and kicked off the show with talk of Initiative 77, the highly controversial proposal to eliminate the tipped minimum wage in all District restaurants. The ballot measure has the potential to transform the way restaurants operate, servers and bartenders are paid, and diners eat out. In to discuss all sides of the issue are two of D.C.’s highest-profile restaurateurs, Jill Tyler, co-owner of Tail Up Goat, and Genevieve Villamora, co-owner of Bad Saint, as well as a seasoned server, Thea Merl. Candy Schibli the owner and founder of the Southeastern Roastery, a small batch specialty coffee roasting was in the studio. One of her main focuses is to incorporate women throughout her supply chain we siped, sampled and chatted about how women are making an impact in what still is a male-dominated industry. The Ritz-Carlton Washington’s Quadrant Bar & Lounge launched a revolutionary, sound-aged spirits program using sonic wave technology to mimic the taste and qualities of traditionally aged spirits. Thier lead mixologist, Chris Mendenhall, joined us with tastes of spirits and talk of the new program. Last but not least, Bruce Dukes a consultant and winemaker were in with tastes of an exceptional Australian wine, that is not yet widely appreciated, Margaret River Wines. You can learn more about Initiative 77 and all of the guests on the show with Nycci’s live Facebook feed or catch all the details with the live recording on Federal New Radio.