Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie & the Beast, we have the distinct honor of gathering individuals who have worked in every corner of the earth in one DC studio to share their cultures, ideas, and values.

First, Terry “TK” Harvey comes to us from Meridian, a diplomatic and global leadership institution that strengthens U.S. engagement with the world and accelerates collaboration through the exchange of leaders, ideas and culture. TK has worked with over 20 countries and to build sustainable relationships and connections across the diplomatic, government, and cultural sectors.

Next, Dana al Marashi, manager of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, speaks to us about the rich cultural heritage of the UAE, especially Emirati art. Under her direction, the Embassy of the UAE has arranged diplomacy programs through sports and the arts, working to highlight shared values between the UAE and the United States.

Then, we can hardly sit still as Junious “House” Brickhouse, the Director of Next Level Dance Company, enlightens us about how he uses Hip Hop music and dance as international cultural exchange, how it facilitates conflict transformation programming and nurtures entrepreneurial skill-building.

Finally, Jay Raman is currently assigned to Washington, DC as director of the Cultural Programs Division in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. He is responsible for the State Department’s global performing arts, visual arts, film, and humanities exchanges. He emphasizes to us the value of government investment in cultural diplomacy.

It is our distinct honor to bring together so many cultural figures with such beautiful and unique stories to tell. You won’t want to miss it!