On this week’s edition of Industry Night with Foodie & the Beast, we invite Bill Thomas is the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon, home to the one of the largest publicly available whisk(e)y collections in the world with more than 2,700 different expressions.

Thomas opened Jack Rose in 2011, but he has been in the whisk(e)y & bar business for more than 20 years. Considered one of the foremost authorities on whiskey in the United States, Thomas is often featured on judging panels, in whisk(e)y history documentaries and leading tastings across the country. Thomas is also an avid personal collector, with more than 6,000 bottles in his private collection.

Thomas is soon opening up a new restaurant and bar, The Imperial, in Washington, DC in mid-2019, and, since Foodie and the Beast are about to head for a week in Scotland, we thought it the perfect time to discuss the whiskey, whiskey and all of Bill’s endeavors with the man himself!