MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Burnt Hill Farm Outstanding in the Field with Guest Chefs David & Tonya Thomas

September 11,2023 – September 11,2023 all-day
Burnt Hill Farm
25001 Burnt Hill Road, Clarksburg MD
Flaxen hillsides, roaming woodland hogs and endless rows of native American wine grapes create a landscape of otherworldly beauty. Your hosts Andrew Baker, Lisa Hinton, and Ashli Johnson make some famously beautiful wines with biodynamic farming techniques and a mix of old world and American grapes. You can taste the love and heart they put into their work in every sip. To kick off a series of three feasts in their fields, David and Tonya Thomas of H3irloom Foods to create an African-inspired feast designed to honor the environment, history, and community of the region. Dinner is priced at $375 per person; reserve your seat here. Dinner service begins at 3:00 p.m.