Some Disassembly Required - WHOLE TUNA BUTCHERING / DINNER

September 25,2019 – September 25,2019 all-day
Mess Hall
703 Edgewood Street NE

Attend a class to learn about premium Blue Fin Tuna butchering in a small-group setting. You will be eating-as-you-go in this new edition of Mess Hall's popular "Some Disassembly Required" class. In this unique experience, you will watch, eat and learn as chef Zach Ramos (of Sushi Taro) breaks down a 100-pound fish. He'll start you off with ruby red sashimi-grade Maguro Poke. Chef Zach and his team will continue making several preparations during the course of the evening as they carve this beautiful responsibly-sourced fish. Get up close and personal while learning some sushi/sashimi-making tips and tactics; then test your skills at making your own Fatty Tuna Handroll. During the experience, you'll learn how various cuts of the tuna are used. 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. $83 per person.  For the weekday classes, add the beverage package for just $12 and enjoy Japanese Whiskey Highballs and unlimited Kirin Ichiban.  For the weekend classes add the beverage package for just $17 and enjoy Signature Cocktails + Kirin Ichiban. To purchase a ticket, please click here.