FOODIE &the beast: January 28th, 2024

This Foodie & The Beast Is So Good. It May Be Beastless But Tune In For: 
-Ethiopian Honey Wine, a fermented beverage made from raw honey dates back more than 3000 years to the time of Queen of Sheba. Created by master winemaker, Gize Negussie, the Negus Winery and Meadery Tasting Room  in Alexandria is the first and only honey wine tasting room in the US.
-And more wine! TJ and Hadley Douglas of The Urban Grape Boston have brought their famed wine shop here to  the Shaw Area of DC. The Urban Grape is America’s largest, certified Black-owned beverage retailer, with curated wines, beers and spirits from a diverse offering of makers and their Progressive way of selecting wines.
-Fan of, you know that founder Rowena Scherer believes that every cuisine tells a three-dimensional story about the culture it represents. And what better way to expand kids’ horizons than through good food. So, her new cookbook, A Taste of the World: Celebrating Global Flavors, Rowena brings kids up-close-and-personal with a cultural world tour of 64 recipes.
-He’s a bartending OG, herbalist, frozen drink shaman, a Vermouth and liqueur maker … he is Lukas B. Smith of Redbeard & at The Line Hotel. We’re talking i his signature approach to deliciously crafted -low-ABV- &-No-ABV botanicals & tinctures  of good taste and fun.