The Suite Life with Advocacy Guru Katherine Miller: Industry Night, January 18, 2024


For the month of December, Industry Night is being hosted by WREN in the Watermark Hotel. This area is on fire! An entire town center has been built up on the other side of the highway from what you traditionally think of Tysons. Here in the Watermark Hotel is the Japanese izakaya, Wren. Chef Yo Matsuzaki draws upon locally-grown ingredients and serves Japanese street food with modern American elements. shucked oysters and expertly-cut sashimi and wagyu steak. Today I am sitting in one of the lovely suites!

So how did this area just explode? Joining me today is Osman Cuadros, General Manager of The Watermark Hotel. And later in the show I’m really excited to chat with good friend Katherine Miller. She has a new book — “At the Table: The Chefs Guide to Advocacy”. Katherine shares the essential techniques she developed for the James Beard Foundation’s Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change. Thanks to Katherine, chefs have learned advocacy! More on that when we talk…

…but first, where have I been?!  (Where haven’t I?)

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AND! Katherine Miller! When Jose Andres went to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria he said, “Who better to feed people, than those who can cook? Chefs!”. Think about that. Who can look at what’s on hand and figure out how to best feed those who need to eat? Katherine Miller figured that out long before Jose. She has built a 20-year career working at the intersections of policy, politics, and social impact. She is behind efforts focused on global health, climate change, gender bias and violence, and food system reform.

Kathrine was the founding Executive Director of the Chef Action Network and the VP of Impact at the James Beard Foundation.

She brought chefs to the table to learn how to advocate and be a part of positive change, and now she is the author of “At The Table: The Chef’s Guide to Advocacy”.  Dig in with us - listen to the full episode, here, or watch it all on YouTube, here.