COVID-19 Be Damned-We're Back With A New Show!


Sure, Nycci, David, and their guests are remote, but their conversations are lively and timely. Joining us are Kathy Hollinger, president of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, to discuss the DC area’s once-and-soon-to-be-again vibrant (we hope) restaurant scene, what restaurants are doing to survive and keep their staffs paid, and what the future holds for the industry; Deb Moser and Mitch Berliner, co-founders and proprietors of Central Farm Markets, discussing the even more essential role of farmers/farmers/farm markets to provision us in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic; Jonathan Stahl, the Nats’ vice president for ballpark operations and guest experience, discussing the stadium’s unique partnership with Josè Andres’ World Central Kitchen to feed thousands of meals a day to needy area residents, along with many other essential activities during this extended shutdown, and Jason Berry, co-founder and CEO of Knead Hospitality and Design (owners of Succotash, Mi Vida, and The Grill), on the line to tell us about Knead’s Lee Initiative, a crucial fundraiser supporting furloughed restaurant workers. Listen to the full episode here.