Foodie & The Beast from Home: May 2, 2020


Live in studio! Sadly, recorded from our bedroom! Foodie and the Beast continues Coronavirus lockdown or not, David and Nycci had another really good show on show on Sunday, May 2, with incredible people who all have devised dynamic responses to this COVID 19 mess. Guests included Nate Mook, CEO of José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, who provided an inside look at how WCK is helping to feed folks caught up in the pandemic and put restaurants back to work; Nicole Marquis, founder and CEO of Hip City Veg (Philly and DC), offered an inside look at a vegetarian approach to food shortages and delivery of meals to hospital teams fighting the virus; chef and restaurateur Erik Bruner Yang “Zoomed” in with info about his powerful, “The Power of 10” campaign to aid independent restaurants across America by re-employing staff, sustaining business operations, and providing food to community members who need it the most, and Catoctin Creek Distillers’ co-founders Becky and Scott Harris  joined us with their tales of responding to the virus by switching production to hand sanitizer and then back again to spirits, as Virginia’s rules changed to allow direct sales and shipments to individual consumer. So many people, being amazing during this decidedly un-amazing times. To listen in, click here.