3400 Georgia Ave NW

Hook Hall, a multi-room concept, has officially opened to the public. Named after the legendary pirate, Hook Hall embodies design elements that rightfully evoke sentiments of sailing out to sea. This 13,500 square-foot venue also boasts multi-use rooms that can be rented for a variety of corporate or personal events. Keeping with the theme of multi-use, Hook Hall functions as an airy cafe during the day and transforms into the tavern at night. In the early hours, the cafe is serving coffee and pastries in a venue that can also accommodate those who want to stay and do some work. Once turning into the tavern at night, Hook Hall boasts 32 different tap lines at the 40 foot bar.

Inside the venue, guests are also able to enjoy a farmers market hosted by WashFarm Markets every Sunday from 9:00AM – 2:00 PM. The new market features 30 different vendors; ranging from farmers to seafood merchants.

www.hookhall.com ; 202-629-4339

Photo Credit: Evy Mages