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1336 14th Street NW

Founder Tomonori Takahashi opens a new full-service, sit-down location in DC specializing in authentic Tonkotsu ramen (with pork-influenced broth) with a variety of customizable options to add on. The ramen bar includes five broths with different dares and oils and over 20 different toppings to choose from. In addition to the ramen, they offer other special dishes such as the Spicy Chicken Ramen, Old Skool Ramen, Spicy Cream Vegan Ramen, the "Cha Cha Cha" for guests who love garlic, quinoa salads, various rice bowls, small plates and mini tacos. Their beverage program features local craft beers, Japanese-inspired cocktails, sake/wine and seasonal, house-made, non alcoholic drinks.