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PROJECTED OPENING DATE: No New Information at This Time

1336 9th St NW

Max Kuller, Chef Rob Rubba, and Adam Bernbach, three prominent figures in the DC food & wine scene, have recently disclosed their latest collaboration. This new concept was created in response to the 2017 article in Saveur titled "What Dinner Might Look Like in a Future of Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels". This detailed that the recent spike in climate change will ultimately alter the way we eat, removing many meat, fish, and agricultural products from our diet. Kuller, Rubba, and Bernbach realized that the cute will mostly rely on the 'Oyster'. With respect to their name, the first 'Oyster' refers to bivalves while the second 'Oyster' symbolizes oyster mushrooms. The three men hope to open this new concept in 2019.