819 Upshur St NW

Carlie Steiner and Anna Bran-Leis, owners of Himitsu and Taqueria del Barrio, have teamed up to launch the brand new cocktail bar: Dos Mamis. This new, female-run, business is centered around creating a safe space for all patrons and will be mixing up eclectic cocktails that range from no proof, little proof, and a lot of proof. A standout from the menu is the Woman-hattan, a spin-off of the Manhattan; made with grenadine, curaço, and rum. In terms of the atmosphere, Dos Mamis has been curated around Steiner and Bran-Leis’s overarching desire to create a safe haven that is well-decorated but also well-lit. The two women are also dedicated to properly training each member of their staff.

Photo Credit: www.washingtonian.com