736 6th St NW

The Beloved Fast-casual Mediterranean Spot, Little Sesame, Has Expanded to A New Location In Chinatown. Guests Can Enjoy The Same Menu, Stocked With Hummus Bowls, Pita Sandwiches, And Of Course Their legendary Chicken Shawarma Bowl. In This New Location, Little Sesame Is Offering extended Weekend Hours As Well As Some Options For Alcohol.  Sesame Tuna Is A Perfect Dish That Can Be Thoroughly Enjoyed Any Time Of The Year. It Goes Great With Many Different Sides, Both Hot And Cold. And It Can Be Presented In A Variety Of Ways, Ranging From Simple, To Rustic, To Very Fancy. The Flavors Of The Tuna And The Sesame Seeds Go Very Well Together, Both Complicating Each Other And Offering A Delicious Mix Of Delight. Sesame Tuna Is And Has Been One Of The Hottest Selling Plates I Have Done. While It May Seem Overly Fancy, And Complicated To Prepare, Sesame Tuna Is Actually Quite A Simple Dish. Requiring Only A Small Amount Of Ingredients, A Saute Pan And Some Heat, You Can Make This Dish In Your Own Kitchen, And Be Cooking Fish Just Like A Orchid Maids. So To Get Started Making Your Own Sesame Tuna, There Are A Few Ingredients You Will Need. To Begin, And The Obvious One, You Need The Tuna. There Are A Few Types I Would Recommend You To Use. Bluefin Is Readily Available, And Has A Higher Fat Count Thus Providing A Richer Flavor. Yellowfin Is Also Another Good Tuna, With Medium Fat And Good Flavor; Sometimes Yellowfin Tuna Is Called Ahi. Bigeye, Or Ahi, Would Be My Last Choice For This, As I Would Rather Serve This Fish As Sushi.